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How to Manage Meeting Resources in MS OutLook

Question:-How I can Manage Meeting Resources in MS OutLook?
Manage Meeting Resources in MS OutLook
Here’s how Microsoft Office Outlook can help you schedule resources and plan meetings within a group.

1. Create a group schedule.
a. Go to Calendar view in Outlook, and on the Actions tab, click View Group Schedules.
b. In the Group Schedules dialog box, click New, and then type the name of your schedule.
c. Click OK.

2. Add all the resources you need to the Group Members column (for example, all the conference rooms in your building). You will see the free/busy information for all the resources in one view. You can use the same technique to book other resources, like audio/video equipment.

3. Plan your meeting.
a. By using the Group Schedule view, find the appropriate resources that are free for your time slot.
b. Click the Make Meeting button, and then click New Meeting as Resource.

4. A meeting request form appears, prefilled with the time booking information and the resource allocation. Just fill in the rest of the meeting details, and then click Send. The resources you requested will be booked automatically for you.

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