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How to Use 2003 to 2007 Categories and Tasks in Outlook

Question:-How to Use 2003 to 2007 Categories and Tasks in MS Office Outlook?
Use 2003 to 2007 Categories and Tasks
In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, you can use colored quick flags to flag e-mail messages for follow-up based on their relation to each other. For example, you can use blue flags for action items related to an upcoming sales meeting, yellow flags for personal items, and red flags for urgent issues. However, these flags are visual cues only; they do not automatically create an Outlook task that you can track and manage.

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, colored quick flags are broken out into Colored Categories and Flags. If you need to visually group related items together, you can assign a color category. If you need to act on something, you can assign a flag. When you flag a message in Outlook 2007, it's automatically added to your Outlook task list, your calendar, and the To-Do Bar (which shows your upcoming appointments and tasks for the day). You can assign categories and flags by right-clicking the appropriate icon in your Inbox, or by opening the e-mail message and clicking the commands on the Ribbon.

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