Rabu, 05 November 2008

How to Select a Slide Layout in MS Power Point

Select a Slide Layout in MS Power Point
Whenever you insert a new slide, you can select from a variety of slide layouts. Slide layouts are designed to make it easy for you to precisely place text, graphics, diagrams, and other items on your slides.
1. On either the Home tab or the Insert tab, click the Add Slide icon. (Note: You will need to click the lower half of the icon to choose the type of slide that you want to insert.)
2. Select a layout option from the Add Slide gallery.
3. On your new slide, click a placeholder to add text or slide content.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 also makes it easy to create and use your own custom slide layouts. If you need unique layouts that aren't part of the standard slide layouts in the Add Slide gallery, search for "Add a Layout" by using Office Help (press the F1 key to get to Office Help at any time).

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