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How I can Tag a Contact in Office Communicator

Question:-How to Tag a Contact in Office Communicator?
Tag a Contact in Office Communicator

When you want to send an instant message to a contact, his or her status in Microsoft Office Communicator may be set to Do Not Disturb. You can’t tell when the contact switches back to being Online, and starting Office Communicator every few minutes to see if the contact is available takes time and is hard to remember.

Instead, you can set Office Communicator to notify you automatically when the contact's status changes to Online.
1. Open Office Communicator and find the person’s name in your list of contacts.
2. Right-click the name of your contact, and then click Tag Contact.

If it’s someone you often need to send a message to, leave the name tagged; if not, clear the tag after you’ve spoken to the person to avoid unnecessary alerts

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