Selasa, 15 Juli 2008

How to Check for Hidden Content Before Sharing Your Documents

Check for Hidden Content Before Sharing Your Documents in Microsoft Windows Office

The 2007 Microsoft Office system programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint include a new built-in Document Inspector tool that enables you to search for and remove potentially private hidden content before sharing your documents. To access the Document Inspector, first save your document. Then, click the Office button, point to Prepare, and then click Inspect Document.

Depending on the program you are using, this tool searches for different content types—such as comments, unresolved tracked changes, and headers and footers in Word 2007. Of course, just because the tool finds relevant content (such as headers and footers) doesn’t mean you should remove that content. The Document Inspector finds content that may be hidden depending upon the individual document’s settings or the way you view the document. Review for yourself the content found by the tool to determine if you want to remove it from your document. Keep in mind that some types of content the Document Inspector finds (such as custom XML data) may be required for the document to function properly.

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