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How to Organize Your Records in MS EXcel

Question:- How I can Organize Your Records the Way I Want Them in MS excel?
Answer:-Organize Your Records the Way I Want Them in MS excel 
You can customize how you sort your records by using a filter. To activate a filter:
1. In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, click Filter on the Data tab.

2. To choose your sorting options, click the filter arrow on the column that you want to sort, point to Sort by Color, and then click Custom Sort.

3. Create a customized sort order.
a. In the Sort dialog box, under Column, click the drop-down arrow next to Sort by, and choose the field that you want to be sorted. Values should appear in the Sort On field.
b. In the Order field, click Custom List. This will open a window that offers an entirely custom sort list.
c. In the left pane, list the values (each separated by a comma) in the order that you want them to be sorted, and then click Add.
d. In the right pane, select the list you've created, and then click OK.
e. In the Sort dialog box, click OK.

From now on, your records will be sorted according to your customized list.

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