Rabu, 23 Juli 2008

How to Collect Your Favorite Shapes for Easy Access in MS Office Visio

Collect Your Favorite Shapes for Easy Access
Do you frequently use the same shapes from several different stencils when creating diagrams? Instead of opening several stencils each time you start a new diagram, just save your frequently used shapes to the Favorites stencil for easy access from one location. To save a shape to the Favorites stencil, right-click the shape in its existing stencil, point to Add to My Shapes, and then click Favorites.
Notice that, from the Add to My Shapes options, you can also create your own custom stencils and add favorite shapes to those. (After you create a custom stencil, it will appear under the Add to My Shapes options as well.) To access the Favorites stencil or your custom stencils, on the File menu, point to Shapes, and then point to My Shapes.

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