Rabu, 30 April 2008

How to Change the Color of Excel Comments

Question:-How I can Changing the Color of Excel Comments?
Answer:-Changing the Color of Excel Comments
In Microsoft Office Excel, comments appear in little yellow boxes by default. Here’s how you can change the color of a comment:
1. Right-click its border, and then click Format Comment from the shortcut menu.
2. On the Colors and Lines tab, choose a color from the Color list.

Changing the default color for comments is a little more involved; here’s how to do it:
1. Right-click any blank area of your Windows desktop, and then click Properties from the shortcut menu.
2. Click the Appearance tab, and then click the Advanced button.
3. Select ToolTip from the Item list.
4. Click the arrow next to the Color box, and then choose a color for your comments.
5. Click OK.

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