Senin, 14 April 2008

How to Tell Your Friends Whether You're Busy or Free

Question:-How I can Tell My Friends Whether I am Busy or Free in Communicator?
Answer:-Tell your friends whether You are free or not
Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 has an automatic setting to display your availability. You can configure this by clicking Rules on the Options menu. By default, your status changes to Away when your computer is idle for five minutes. On the Options menu, you can also set this to a longer or shorter time.

One more tip: Communicator connects to Microsoft Office Outlook to get your calendar and out-of-office appointments, so you have to enter your appointment details only once. Mostly, this automation is helpful—but sometimes you definitely don't want to be interrupted, and other times you are free despite having an appointment on your calendar. To indicate such a situation, you can submit an additional note for others to read. To do this, click your name in Communicator, click Set Note, and then type your note. However, don't forget to reset your note when it is no longer applicable.

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