Jumat, 18 April 2008

How to generate a pivot diagram from excel data

Question:-How I can Generate a Pivot Diagram from Excel Data?
Answer:- Generate a Pivot Diagram from Excel Data
In Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007, you can now generate a PivotDiagram from data such as a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet. A PivotDiagram has very similar functionality to an Excel PivotTable, but it displays your data graphically.

To generate a Visio 2007 PivotDiagram, on the File menu, point to New, then point to Business, and then click PivotDiagram. Follow the wizard steps to select your data and generate your PivotDiagram page.

If your source data is in an Excel 2007 table, you can generate the page even more quickly from Excel. To do this, click in the Excel 2007 table and then, on the Table Tools Format tab, click Export, and then click Export Table to Visio PivotDiagram. After the diagram page is set up, click in the PivotDiagram pane to add categories or values to your diagram, and Visio automatically generates the shapes with applicable data.

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