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How to use 2003 to 2007 Tri-Pane Review

Question:-How I can use 2003 to 2007 Tri-Pane Review in Microsoft Office?
Answer:-Use 2003 to 2007 Tri Pane Review
In Microsoft Office Word 2003, you can use the Compare Side-by-Side command to display two documents next to each other so that you can compare them. However, this is only a view and doesn't indicate actual changes to the document. The Compare and Merge command shows document changes but automatically merges the two together, regardless of whether or not you're ready.

In Microsoft Office Word 2007, a side-by-side view is still available if you want it, but the Compare feature now offers a tri-pane review: the original document in one pane, the revised document in another pane, and a combined version of the document with changes marked in a third pane. The tri-pane view shows document changes even if the other person forgot to turn on the Track Changes feature. If you want to keep the combined document, you can simply save it as a separate file.

To use tri-pane review:
1. Click the Review tab, and then click Compare in the Compare section.
2. Click Compare, and then select the original and revised documents that you want to view

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