Rabu, 23 April 2008

What are the Different Steps Through Formulas

Question:-How I can perform different steps while using formulas?
Answer:- Perform different step through formulas

When you're writing complex formulas, a slight difference in brackets, for example, can entirely change the result of the calculation of a formula. Microsoft Office Excel adheres to the standard order of precedence for calculations, with percentages, exponents, multiplication, and division performed in that order before finally calculating addition and subtraction. For example, 7+5*3 = 22, because the 5*3 is calculated first. (7+5)*3 = 36, because the parentheses force the addition to be completed first.

If you're unsure how Excel is evaluating a formula:
1. Click the cell, click the Formulas ribbon, and then click Evaluate Formula in the Formula Auditing section.
2. Click the Evaluate button to watch as each part of the formula is successively calculated, ensuring that each step of the calculation is valid.

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