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How I can Invite Others to My Workspace

Question:-How I can Invite Others to my Workspace?
Inviting Others to Your Workspace
You can invite others to join your workspace at any time. When team members accept your invitation, they receive a copy of the workspace. You or another member of the workspace must be online for invitees to receive the workspace. E-mail invitees can receive the workspace only from you.
1. Open the workspace from the Launchbar.
2. In the Send Invitation pane, type the name of the person whom you want to invite in the To field. If you’ve worked with the person in Microsoft Office Groove 2007 before, his or her name appears automatically after you type the first few letters. If you do not see the person’s name, type his or her e-mail address. If you want to invite more than one person, click Add More.
3. Select a role for the invitees from the Role drop-down list.
4. Type an optional text message, and then click Invite.

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