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How to Color-Code Meeting?

Question:-How I can Color-Code Meeting?
Answer:-Color-Code Meeting
You can use color codes in Microsoft Office Outlook to highlight key diary dates and additional activities, such as traveling. When you create a new appointment in the Outlook calendar, you can categorize it as an internal or external meeting so that you can easily see when you need to leave the office. On the Appointment tab, in the Options section, click Categorize, choose a color category, and rename it with a suitable label (like Needs Preparation or Travel Required).

For meetings already in your calendar:
1. Right-click, click Categorize, choose the color you want to use, and rename it with a suitable label. To rename all the color categories, right-click, click Categorize, and then click All Categories; or, in the Calendar view, click Edit, click Categorize, and then click All Categories.
2. Choose one of the existing color categories and rename it.

You can automatically color all appointments that meet a condition, much like setting up a message rule.
1. Click Edit, click Automatic Formatting, and then click Add.
2. Give the rule a name, choose a color, and then click Condition to choose which appointments will be color-coded.

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