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How to Record Audio and Video Clips?

Question:-How I can Record Audio and Video Clips?
Record Audio and Video Clips
With your computer’s internal microphone or an external microphone attached to your computer, or a webcam or its equivalent, you can record audio and video clips by using Microsoft Office OneNote. The audio will be linked to your typed or digitally handwritten notes, so you can easily jump to specific points in the recordings by clicking the relevant typed notes.

To record audio or video clips:
1. Attach the recording device to your computer (not necessary if you're using the internal microphone on your computer).
2. Click the page on which you want to create the recording.
3. On the Insert menu, click Audio Recording or Video Recording.
4. Start and stop the recording by using the Audio and Video Recording toolbar.
5. To play back the recording, double-click the Windows Media icon on the page where you made the recording. You can skip to certain points in the recording by clicking a word in your linked text notes, and then clicking Play in the margin.

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