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How to Change Your Default Chart Type in Microsoft Excel

Change Your Default Chart Type  in Microsoft Excel
To quickly create a chart on its own sheet in a Microsoft Office Excel workbook, select the chart data, and then press the F11 key. This action generates a chart using your default chart type, which is originally set to be a clustered column chart.

To change your default chart type, on the Insert tab, at the bottom-right corner of the Charts section, click the dialog box launch icon to open the Insert Chart dialog box. Select your preferred chart type, and then click Set as Default Chart. You can then click Cancel to close the dialog box without generating a chart. Though nothing appears to have changed, the next time you generate a chart by using the F11 key, you’ll automatically get your new default chart type.

Note: Keep in mind that after you’ve created a chart, you can still change the chart type. To change chart type for just the active chart, on the Chart Tools Design tab, in the Type section, click Change Chart Type.

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