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How to Create a PivotTable View in MS Excel

Creating a PivotTable View in MS Excel
Microsoft PivotTable dynamic views help you change the axis that your data is organized around. To create a PivotTable view:
1. Click anywhere inside the range of data.
2. On the Ribbon, on the Insert tab, click PivotTable.
3. In the PivotTable Field List pane, check the fields that you want to visualize.
4. Rearrange your fields by dragging the row labels, column labels, and values to where you want them.
5. To add a filter, check the desired field, and drag it to the Report Filter box.

Microsoft Office Excel will display the sum of the data in the value field, but you can quickly modify the field to track other totals types, such as average, minimum value, or maximum value:
1. In the Values box, click the arrow next to the value that you want to modify.
2. Select Value Field Settings.
3. Change the setting from Sum to the desired type of calculation.

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