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How to Modify the Report in MS Access

Modifying the Report in MS Access
Here’s how you can modify a report in Microsoft Office Access 2007.
1. Ensure you are in Layout view, which is the default view if you have just created a new report.
2. Select the fields (columns) that you want to delete (press SHIFT to select multiple fields), and then press DELETE.
3. Resize columns by dragging the column edge to the width you want.
4. To reorder columns, select the column that you want to move, and then drag it to another location.
5. Double-click the report title to modify it.
6. To add banded rows, select a row. Then on the Formatting contextual tab, in the Font section, choose a color from Alternate Fill/Back Color.
7. To add a group, in the Grouping pane, click Add a group. If the pane is not open, on the Ribbon, on the Formatting tab, click Grouping. Select the fields that you want to group.
8. To change to Landscape mode or adjust margins, go to the contextual Page Setup tab.

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