Minggu, 31 Agustus 2008

How to Monitor Out-of-Office Messages in MS Outlook

Monitor Out-of-Office Messages in MS Outlook
The first time you send an e-mail message to someone who has turned on his or her out-of-office notification, you'll receive an automated e-mail message to inform you. At times, it's crucial that you see this notification so you can resend your message to someone else. By creating a rule that triggers a desktop alert, you'll spot out-of-office notifications as soon as they arrive. By adding extra conditions to your rule, you can also automatically mark an out-of-office message as read, and then move it from your Inbox to a different folder for later reference. This way, the next time you're unsure when someone will return from a vacation, for example, you can simply refer back to the out-of-office message that Microsoft Office Outlook automatically filed for you.

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