Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008

How to Synchronizing Your Own Computers With Office Groove 2007

Synchronizing Your Own Computers in Office Groove 2007
If you have multiple computers, you can set up your Microsoft Office Groove 2007 account on each of them to keep a synchronized copy of key workspaces and files on each computer.

1. From the File menu, click Use Account on Another Computer, and then save the account file to your desktop by clicking OK in the dialog box.
2. Transfer the account file to a second computer through an e-mail attachment or a removable storage device.
3. On the second computer, install Groove 2007. In the Account Configuration Wizard, click Use a Groove Account you have already created, and follow the instructions to select your saved account file.
4. Your workspaces will appear in the Launchbar labeled as Not on this computer. Double-click each workspace to download it from your other computer.

Note: Your Groove administrator may have set policies for your account that restrict you from adding it to other computers.

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