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How to Excel Services in 2003 to 2007

2003 to 2007 Excel Services
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 lists are called tables in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Just as you can convert a data range to a list in Excel 2003, you can format a data range as a table in Excel 2007 by using the Format as Table command in the Styles section of the Home tab. Excel 2003 lists can be published to Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 sites and viewed in Windows Internet Explorer, so that you can share your data with others without having to share your entire worksheet.

With Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can publish Excel tables to Excel Services, so that you can share Excel information through the browser by using Microsoft Office Excel Web Access. Excel Web Access presents the information in an Excel-like view rather than the list view of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0. This view enables the people you are sharing with to work in a familiar environment, even manipulating certain sets of data in the browser, without having access to any proprietary information contained in other parts of the worksheet.

To publish an Excel 2007 table to Excel Services, you must first save the worksheet to a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 document library. Here’s how:
1. Open the online file, click the Office button, and point to Publish.
2. Click Excel Services, and then click Excel Services Options.
3. On the Show tab, click the drop-down arrow, click Sheets, and then select the individual sheets that you want to publish.
4. Click OK, and then save the file.

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