Selasa, 16 September 2008

How to Use InfoPath Forms in Groove

Using InfoPath Forms in Groove
You can use Microsoft Office Groove 2007 to share Microsoft Office InfoPath forms within a Groove workspace. Sharing forms enables a team to gather, view, and track structured data, even if team members are offline or cannot access the corporate network.

When you have built your form in Office InfoPath 2007, you can use the new Groove InfoPath Forms tool to import the form into the workspace. After the form is imported, members of the workspace can fill it out at any time, whether they are online or offline. Completed copies of the form—called "records"—are collected and displayed in the tool and can be viewed and tracked in different ways.

The InfoPath Forms tool also takes advantage of the automatic alerts and unread marks in Office Groove 2007, which help team members stay up to date as new forms are filled out.

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